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Beer Bacon & Bourbon Wv

Lindsy Says, Calisus

Sat · August 25, 2018

Doors: 10:00 am / Show: 11:00 am (event ends at 11:00 pm)

$12.00 - $17.00

This event is all ages

Ryan Perry Music
Ryan Perry Music
Nashville TN Artist, Ryan Perry, uses his powerful voice to bring intense energy and a rockin' twist to Countrys top 40. Featuring songs from Jason Aldean, Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan and many many more. With his newly released EP "Yeah That's Us", Ryan Perry is working his way around the Region from opening for Lee Greenwood, to playing the after parties for Toby Keith, Ronnie Dunn and The Band Perry. With too many shows to mention Ryan Perry will have you dancing and singing along all night long!
Lindsy Says
Lindsy Says
Lindsy Says is:

Jared Matthew - Vocals

Dustin James - Guitar

Zack Joy - Bass Guitar

Jonathan Parker - Drums

LINDSY SAYS is a new melodic hard ROCK band from Savannah, GA on a mission to bring back the high energy sleaze party "Rock n Roll" band from the depths of the serious "doom and gloom" attitude that modern ROCK music has descended to. Think of an updated/modernized version of Mötley Crüe with a nice sized portion of Guns n Roses dipped in Poison.. Then spin that up with a modern rock sound. With melodic / arena ROCK, or whatever you may call it.. now on a slow and steady climb back into the hearts (and ears) of music lovers across the globe, the future looks bright for those raised on 80's, albeit served up with a modern younger twist.

LINSAY SAYS, the brainchild of front man Jared Matthew, initially came together in 2015, but just last year morphed into their current lineup (consisting of guitarist, Dustin James, bassist, Zack Joy, and drummer, Jonathan Parker). The first single from the CD "Hold On Me", comes from the band's self titled debut album produced by Rusty Wilmot in Orlando, FL (Due out later this summer ) The band evenly balances all ten songs between old school melodic metal, and new modern rock, with a focus on strong vocal performance laced with infectious melodies. "We're big fans of all the 80's bands. With all of those influences clearly in our music, we like to throw in more current change-ups, and production techniques to make it more 'today’,” says Jared.. Track 2 sends you crashing into the controversial "Heaven's Vanity,” which was written ‘to call out the BS of the church. “I was raised in a very religious family and it’s just not what I’m about. I’m a believer but I don’t judge others.” Songs such as the heartfelt "Headlights" (“Sometimes, if you really love someone you have to show them by leaving. If they’re still there when you come back …”). The ferocity of "Fight” (Thomas Jefferson said that we should have a revolution every fifteen years and I agree. We’re too much like cattle anymore”) gets your blood pumping. Then the groove of "Backstreets" (written from the view of growing up on the streets of Savannah, GA and the trappings of all that sex and drugs has to offer. To be interpreted as the listener sees fit.”), all add up to an album that is already looking to be included in many year-end Top 10 lists across the globe. The touching "Secondhand Roses" winds everything up with a real life scenario presented in three and a half minutes in which Jared describes, "an ex had ended their relationship and he decided the best thing to do at that moment would be to go sit by a nearby lake. As he tells it: “I saw a couple across the way and they were just enjoying each other and the peace and quiet and he had given her a bouquet of roses. Suddenly he gets an email or text or something and she grabs his phone. It was apparently from another girl because she started pounding on him! Obviously, that was the end of that and the roses were thrown to the ground. After the dust had cleared I went over and picked up the roses, went to my ex’s and spent one last night. When she woke up all that was there were the roses. Hence, ‘secondhand roses.’”

Now on to the name. So, who is LINDSY, and what does she have to "SAY?” According to Matthew, she says a lot, depending upon the person she’s talking to. “When the band was first coming together, myself, the guitarist, and the drummer all wound up with new girlfriends around the same time. Mine was a stripper, the guitarist’s was an attorney, and our drummer’s came from a plumbing family – all three ironically named Lindsy. I was a bit suspicious, so I invited my “Lindsy” out one night and took the rest of the band with me. She walked in the door, saw the three of us sitting together and did a direct about face and walked right back out. She played all of us but we got a pretty cool name out of it."

The band rebooted their LIVE show in 2017 by opening slots for the likes of national touring bands like Hawthorne Heights, Saving Abel, and Hed PE (to name a few) These Savannah, GA hard rocker’s just released their first video for their upcoming debut single, "Hold On Me", and have teamed up with Uncivil Revolt for the premiere (See Below)

LINDSY SAYS may have just arrived at the party but, as we all know, it's those that came through the door "fashionable late" that demand the most attention. Sit back and watch these southerners knock you on your ass!
Coming from a bustling “Hub City” in Western, MD there lies a Region where great music often times gets overlooked…and then there comes the amazingly “active rock” sextet, Calisus (pronounced "kah-lee-sus"). With power rhythms and elevated melodies that are delivered with laser focused pinpoint accuracy, Calisus not only satisfies the true live experience, but they also treat the listener with an amazing audible adventure. If you are looking for an “active rock” band that truly delivers the goods, Calisus is waiting for you – Rob Daily, Daily Unsigned
Venue Information:
Pipestem Spa, Event Center and Mountain Chalets
41 Pipestem Spa Way
Pipestem, WV, 25979